Algaran Seaweed

Welcome to AlgAran Organic Irish Seaweed

  • Situated in Kilcar, Southwest Donegal, all AlgAran seaweed is organically hand harvested locally with maximum respect/care for the marine environment.
  • Harvested seaweed is rinsed on the shore and dried at low temperatures to preserve  its rich nutritional content.
  • Our organic certification ensures that all seaweed produced is free from contamination and regular analysis ensures that all seaweed products are safe and healthy to eat.
  • FDA Certificate of Registration
  • Per le vendite in Italia, rivolgersi a GTC srl, Pontenure (PC)  tel. 0523 510145

          AlgAran produces a range of delicious and nutritious organic seaweed products from fresh and dried seaweed all of which can be purchased and shipped via our online shop.               To view our harvesting process please visit this link: To visit AlgAran seaweed cosmetics site please visit this link: Algaran, 2014 Licence Documents.pdfblue trust logo